Nori tapti modeliu?

Welcome to Modelling Agency "PEGASUS"!

Our target is that our model would become the world's most famous fashion houses and famous campaigns in their faces!

Modelling Agency "PEGASUS" works with models in different age patterns. Models Agency has an experienced staff and photographers.

Modelling agency „PEGASUS" with his models signs contracts for specific work and do not bend them. Contracts are signed only for specific posing, fashion show or etc. Cases.

Girls that do not meet standards of high fashion may just be photo-models. Everyone between 4 and 23 years are welcome to join our agency and become a model.

Modeling agency „PEGASUS" also works in close cooperation with various Lithuanian advertising agencies, designers, magazines and major publications in the country for women (for example: magazines "Laima", "Eve," "Cosmopolitan, L'Officiel Fashion," "Miss", "Moteris" and etc.).

Everyone who is looking and seeking for new face for his/her brand or company new face can always find the suitable candidacy in our modelling agency.

Producers and project managers often examine our modelling agency database and finding faces that match their requirement.

Models that did not pass training courses and hopes that the money is paid only on external data, can not expect a large amount of work. Because today's models have to pay to walk gracefully and correctly podium to pose before the camera.

Why choose a model agency "PEGASUS"?

Model's job is not boring, because models with a modelling agency travels around the world, interacting with various modelling, show, mowie and etc. industry representatives (photographers, directors, actors, models, agents) involved in the various models shows, photo sessions, national and international beauty, models competitions takes part in video shooting for commercial clips, mowies and etc..

  • "Moters Pasaulis 2014" Aistės Butkevičiūtės-Normantienės kolekcijos „Relax“ pristatymas

    Lapkričio 8 d. Kaune vykusiame renginyje "Moters Pasaulis 2014" buvo pristatoma atpalaiduojanti dizainerės Aistės Butkevičiūtės-Normantienės kolekcija „Relax“.

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Friday, 17 October 2014 21:57
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Wednesday, 29 October 2014 18:01
Sunday, 26 October 2014 20:14
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